New Seas Yonder Over Land

New Seas Yonder Over Land

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Liner Notes: 

This song is pure mathematics. zzzzzzz

Still trying to write songs which use prime numbers as a random base. Prime numbers randomise the piano hits to a specific delay

Choir divided to notes on F Major scale. 3rds, 5ths, 7ths, 11ths, 13ths, 17ths and 19ths.

Instrument choice inspired by Morricone. I was reading what defined the music for the Fistful of Dollars trilogy, basically a lack of cash and a genius composer with a friend who played guitar and a brilliant soprano.

This is my first tentative version with Choir, Strings and repeating notes (piano not guitar). Nothing like Morricone, but I will hopefully return to try my own full blown Spaghetti theme at a later date.

I have cut this to about 4 mins, but if you are a gluten for punishment, here is the long version...

I've also given it a pretentious title to stop me trying to give it lyrics. HAHAHA


There are no lyrics.

Music by M.M.Scullion ©2020

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Pure math? Well, it sounds so beautifully organic. Wow, it really is gorgeous. I love the rolling sea and soaring melody, if that's the right word. But then the percussion snakes through there, making a magical tapestry.

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Well, music is quite mathematical in many ways. After listening, I wouldn't consider this piece "mathematical," it's quite beautiful and has a flow and forward motion that I like. I definitely get an ocean vibe and I was picturing an overhead flight along a beautiful coastline.