The Fuzzy Candle

The Fuzzy Candle

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Candle here:

So @Fuzzy & I decided to trade stems & see what we would do with each other's bits. He sent me some lovely melodica & I immediately dropped it in Jeskola Buzz & started adding stuff to it. HG Fortune makes an appearance c/o his Alionica Pro synth (those lovely background droney/pads) as well as some orhestral samples I had laying around. But then I dropped Polac's ASIO In Machine into the project & started playing my guitar. I feel like that brought everything together. This was lots of fun. Can't wait to see what he has done with what I sent him. Rumour has it, he's also added another collaborator to the track, so I'm really stoked to hear what my little bit has become.

And, as with all tracks involving Fuzzy (tho, I sort of subscribe to that philosophy as well): wear headphones for this one.

See You In The Shadows…

Fuzzy says:

I really like what Candle did with my humble Melodica noises!
So lush and shimmery!

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This definitely feels more Candle than Fuzzy, stylewise but Fuzzy's melodica is definitely a key element to the overall sound and texture.
Very enjoyably atmospheric.

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Well this sets a pretty chill mood. This is candlelight music all the way. It’s atmospheric; moody. Totally dig it.

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I've had some fuzzy candles Smile dog hair/dust buildup etc........usually don't smell near as good as this sounds haha!
what you did to that melodica makes it sound like a busted organ, or an overdosed accordian..... so of course I totally love it!! Biggrin
a lot of really cool movement in this thing as pieces....or well, movements Wink ...but holds together really nice like a flickery fuzzy candle in the breeze....

I'm equally intrigued with what he's gonna come up with out of your stuff...

another great guitar tone too btw! that weird spaghetti western flavor of sauce, not sold in stores Smile

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Nice shifting atmospheres. A little bit of a Twin Peaks vibe to this. I like it!

Very cool collab! You can hear the bits of both of you in it. This is an engaging soundscape that kept my attention. Great sounds here!

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Gorgeous soundscape ... makes me picture the mountains on the moon and floating through space. Love the combo of melodica and electric guitar and the overall ethereal atmosphere. Like glimmering, shimmering stars!

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this reminds me of Britten's 4 Sea Interludes in its vibe/space and tonality. i had the image of mooninght on water - quite probably cos of the britten association, and the orchestral backing and melodica sounded like the environment and the guitar felt like someone interacting IN that environment, maybe lying in a boat lazingly draping a leg over the side and a foot idly paddling. nice collab indeed. very relaxing and engaging

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It's like aliens took over the christmas dinner.

And while everybody had their mouth full of ham in suspended animation, the aliens stole the presents. No Lego Blade Runner for little Hunter. No woolly mammoth socks for aunt Gretchen. No Best of Roxette Box Set for grandpa Timothy. Damn those aliens! Santa should teach them some manners.

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There's a "Best Of Roxette Box Set"? Why wasn't I told about this? Wink

See You In The Shadows…