The Battle At Bachelorsfield

The Battle At Bachelorsfield

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Liner Notes: 

A rainy night. A crashed train. Two Agents. One Villain. Dangerous Cargo. The battle begins to recover it. Who will prevail?

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Yep, massive sounds again. Very cinematic, could work for several scenarios, wasn't thinking train until I read your notes, then that's all I could think of. A part towards the beginning when the drums came in, reminded me of Peter Gabriel 4 (Security) which is a very good thing ( top 10 for me for sure). Excellent work again.

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Wow, this is a very, very huge sound. You weave different melodies in and out in a skilful way. The drums and voices are very good indeed.

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Whoa, I've somehow managed to miss out on the A.Eye experience this summer. This was cool when it was washing over me in a more ambient mode, and then that percussion slapped me awake. Great stuff here, for many cool textures

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I might have to change our name to The A.Eye Experience haha. Thanks Smile

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Superb. This starts BIG and gets bigger. I love the drama of it all - this is the sort of context where risers really do come in to their own. The breakdown at 1:35 is *perfect*. I was wondering how you could go larger from that, but then the choir arrives...

And I'm intrigued by that "every villain is lemons" tag. Dunno what it means, but I'm sure that it will turn out to be a significant plot point when this film eventually gets made. And it really needs to get made soon; the film industry needs it!

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lol every villan is lemons is a joke from spongebob it's an acronym for EVIL