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Liner Notes: 

It is a work in progress. I am still working on the simple verses and I will need to manipulate the chorus each time. It's not going to be Amis, but hopefully will track ok. I will probably change the title, 'A Simple Man' is favourite.

I started this with the intention of making a slow ambient instrumental track. Worked chords out in the car on chordbot. Saved it with the provisional title Naturalism, which popped into my head for some reason. I didn't think it was a word, but I looked it up anyway in case it was something rude. Guess what, (you clever people will know this already) it not just a word, it's a whole movement in Literature and the Visual Arts and also a theory in Philosophy, inspired by that pesky Charles Darwin. Wow, I'm not just making up words, I must have heard them somewhere.

Further thinking. I read books in the mid 90s of that style, when I worked as security in London City, (long night shifts and those tube rides are dull and scary otherwise), especially 3 books by Martin Amis, (good books, but I was thinking all the way through them, 'please stop doing horrible things to those people, please, do something nice, please, please', but nothing good happened) They were hard going and put me on a downer on that style, and this is from someone who loved Orwells 1984 when he was 15.

So anyway the music changed as I thought of lyrics where some one is down and continually being pushed back down into the dirt again. so remember...

There is no hope here.
There shall be no happy ending this day.
Life is not like that.
It's the way of nature, dear reader.


Music and Lyrics by M.M.Scullion ©2020

Barricaded inside
Holding on to what's left
Wife, job and family gone
'They ain't takin' this house!'

Someones inside
Sneaking around back there
'I got a gun'
'You ain't takin' this house!'

A simple man, fighting the world again,
Losing his faith, losing his mind

Knocked down from behind
Dragged to the street
Bleeding and beaten
Disgraced and shamed

Down and out
Drinking the pain away
The first kick always hurts
The last kick feels tame

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I take it the music doesn't have the lyrics attached yet-- but yeah, there's a dark and gritty feel to the music that pairs well with the lyric.