I Can Taste It

I Can Taste It

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I Can Taste It (50/90 Challenge)

Liner Notes: 

Similarly to my last song, I used this as a way to practice my vivid, sensory writing. I think I did a better job with it here! Got to describe both what it feels like to eat chocolate and then also (based on limited experience and my imagination) what it feels like to be a successful touring musician, which is my dream Smile


I can taste it
Like imaginary chocolate melting on my tongue
First the sweetness hits my taste buds
And particles drift back till I can smell it too
My stomach contracts to digest the sweet nourishment
But I haven't actually had any chocolate yet

I can taste it
More and more every day
Till I think I won't be able to live without it
But then again my imagination's so real it might just quench the craving
Believe me when I say that I can taste it

I can taste it
Look down, my skin's aglow with the stage's colored lights
As crowds of thousands buzz with excitement
With words of mine etched permanently into their skin
I dream about these things when I'm awake and when I sleep
But when I come back to reality I'm alone, it's just me

Think I've got an inner ear problem where I rest easiest when I'm in motion
It's so hard to sleep in my own bed, stripped of adventure, it's so, boring
But once I can will myself to sleep I dream of being on the back of a moving bus at midnight
And in that moment everything is fine

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I love the inherent hope and excitement in this song! I hope your dreams come true... but regardless, keep making music and being you!

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your irrepressible medodic sense really carries those lyriics along, as does the charm and enthusiasm of your singing.

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Lots of wonderful sensory images conveyed and your melody delivers it so well! The last stanza surprised and delighted me.

Really great lyrics, super detailed and vivid. and it has that fun element your songs have. The fast singing sort of chorus part really stands out. The verses build nicely from a simple starting line. I like the slow down to the end also.