I See that Line and I Ain't No Fool

I See that Line and I Ain't No Fool

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Liner Notes: 

Wrote this a few weeks ago but added a brige.


I See That Tan Line and I Ain't No Fool
© 2020 Cindy Prince

You bought me a drink
No doubt thinking I'd be thrilled
You moved in on me
Like a tractor in a field

You made eyes at me
Like you think you're Romeo
But listen up honey
And I'll tell you what I know

I see that tan line on your finger and I ain't no fool
Do you think a woman my age ain't ever been to school?
I've done a few things but I won't break that rule
I see that tan line and I ain't no fool

I am many things
But I know about rings
And I ain't no fool

You look angry right now
I don't think you like the word no
You best find you another
Cause I'm tellin' you where to go

Use some of that charm
On some gal that doesn't care
Cause honey with me
You ain't gettin' anywhere

Repeat chorus

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very good! i like the country songs you write, they always work very well and its inspiring me to take up the country writing one day, maybe in the near future, or further out when home is calling.... thank you for your lovely lyrics Smile

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Really great Country lyric for a female singer Cindy! You produce such varied and insightful word scenarios...wonderful!

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Perfect country fare on a thwarted affair! That telltale finger line!