Progress (tentative title, other suggestions welcome)

Progress (tentative title, other suggestions welcome)

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Progress (tentative title) (50/90 Challenge)

Liner Notes: 

This is a song about what anxiety feels like to me in terms of worrying and the physical symptoms, which for me is mostly shortness of breath and feeling like I can't get oxygen, but I know it's different for everyone. I wrote it because first I just thought it was an interesting subject to document, and also to practice a little bit using more vivid, sensory language - something I want to work on because I know it's important for good songwriting, but I have rarely done that in my songs until recently.


It starts with a shortness of breath
I don't know why, it feels like someone's sitting on my chest
Or maybe like I'm floating out in space without any oxygen
If I listened to my body it would always have me believe
That nothing's ever gonna be okay
But I believe the doctors when they say it's only anxiety
And nothing else is really wrong with me
So I can focus on my face, feel the tension, let it go
Still my arms and still my legs and let myself sink into bed
Don't search for answers I don't need to know

And the worry is never far from my mind
When I'm lying in bed after the day fades to night
It's brought on by the silent, still darkness when I know I should be sleeping
If I took my thoughts at face value, then everything would be a threat
And not a thing would ever go my way
But there's a safer part inside my brain saying it's probably gonna be okay
And this is probably not my dying day
And for now I feel secure and I've got a roof above my head
For now I'm safe and I am warm, tomorrow isn't my concern
As long as for today I have been fed

But anyway, my greatest worry I can't shake
Is the possibility of living for a century with unfulfilled dreams
Resigned and given up and just a shell of who I am today
But I focus on my face, feel the tension, let it go
Still my arms and still my legs and let myself sink into bed
Every single day I'm making progress

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Was worth documenting and its really well delivered through the song! Offers hope of solutions.

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Strong use of simile shortness of breath like someone's sitting on my chest, and description of tension in the face arms and legs. I also like the little bit slower tempo. Well done!