Still Feel You

Still Feel You

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Liner Notes: 

Cindy said in her original posting of the lyrics- I started out with one idea but this happened instead.

Wacha says - I love working with Cindy and was really glad to nag this one to work on, it really spoke to me. I kept the arrangement on the simpler side and think it works for the song. I struggled with the bridge because, well, I always struggle with the bridge.

On this track:
Acoustic Guitar Midi Cello


Still Feel You
© 2020 Cindy Prince

You're etched in my memory
Like an ancient lithograph
I can smell the scent of you
I can hear your laugh

You are carved in my heart
Like poems written in books
I can see your shining eyes
I can sense your looks

So how can you be gone
How will I go on
Your death cannot seem real
When I can still

Death came suddenly
And I am utterly stunned

You are ingrained in my soul
Like love letters savored
I can feel heart beating
I can taste all your flavors

Repeat chorus

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This is perfect! I so love the cello-fits the mood so much. This brought tears to my eyes with the beauty of it. I can't thank you enough!

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This is beautiful. Delivery, the words, guitar. Very nice.

Jerry Pettit's picture

I use cello occasionally in backgrounds--is there anything more mournful and perfect?

This is gorgeous. Isn't it always kind of cheating using Cindy's lyrics--I don't think I've ever heard an UNinspired song with her lyrics! Smile

You've done a beautiful job putting them to music here--love your vocal!

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one of my favorite vocal stylists coaxes the lyrics of one of my favorite writers off the page and into the air so it can be inhaled by all.

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Excellent, was a really nice lyric and now a lovely song, delivered with a cross between the delicate Melanie warble and the Lucinda Palmer grit. Very nice.

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Absolutely beautiful lyric that captures the vivid sensory and visceral impact of missing someone or something you love after they have died. You convey so much with your well chosen words and descriptions. The temp, tone, and timbre of the music is absolutely perfect to deliver this message and create a heartfelt gorgeous song that reaches deep into my heart and soul - and likely into the heart and souls of anyone who has known loss of someone or something so special. Kudos to you both, Cindy and Catherine, on a brilliant collaboration!

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This is so beautiful...your vocals and the arrangement give the perfect berth to Cindy's poignant words about death...

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Very beautiful tribute. Moving lyrics, music, singing and playing which makes me feel like crying. There is true emotion of love, loss, grief, missing someone truly dear. Your voice, cello, guitar, all works so beautifully. Very special song and collaboration.