I See Red

I See Red

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Liner Notes: 

I saw a red dress online and wrote down this.


I See Red
© 2020 Cindy Prince

My eyes lit up
That red dress
Inviting smile
I was impressed

Your eyes were dark
The dress revealing
I never have had
That kind of feeling

You were a flirt
But I didn't see
That would all change
If you had me

Now I see red
Where once I saw you
My empty bed
Makes me so blue
When I see you flirt
With so many men
I'm deeply hurt
Won't do this again

Red can be like rubies
But also like blood

I should have seen
What was to come
But when love's concerned
I just play dumb

Maybe some day
I will find the one
Where I won't see red
And love is fun

Repeat chorus

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Great song and a nice story of how you got the idea for it. Clever contrasts with red and blue and rubies and blood. As always, your words and structure of the song make for very singable lyrics.

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I like the use of red and blue here. Very effective. Lovely lyric!