Free Two Mackerel

Free Two Mackerel

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Liner Notes: 

Second track utilizing field recording of public transit ambiance as sole source material for treatments used to produce this study. The title is my attempt at translating the language in the recording.

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cool, love that "free two mackeral" sample. The phrase I hear after that is "Oh my god." "Free two mackeral. Oh my god.".

My city has busy public transit too, and I have used recordings like this. But I never got dialog quite that good! I had a guy saying "Put your manager on the call" over and over again, but it was not a good recroding. I tried to get out of his sight before recording.

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Ooh, I like how this suddenly expands in the headphones.
What I wanna know is she giving away two mackerel, or is she trying to free two mackerel...
Really great manipulation of these found sounds.
Another super interesting creation.

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Great use of the found sounds. The repetitions are very powerful. I really enjoyed listening to this.