As a Comet Passes By

As a Comet Passes By

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Liner Notes: 

some of this was written probably when the comet was passing by. all other things happened today on a hill


every ocean has a secret
dive deep get a ticket
ambidextrous beings
browse while you're swimming

away from lonely mountains
stray cats in a roman fountain
the body should be electric
all souls should be connected

find me as a comet passes by
let us fly

every city has a special spot
climb high teleport
extinguish all decent thoughts
take a shot

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Love this song! There is a wonderful sense of empowerment and opportunity for something beyond the mundane and common. If feels wonderfully aspirational and your delivery is wonderful!

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cool song man! i dont have any smart words - its just a really good listen!

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this how the leonard cohen album that was produced by phl spector should have sounded.

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I feel like the vocal melody and sound is from the '80s and the lyrics remind me of a psychedelic Beatles song, and I like the combination.