Le Ciel Est Bas

Le Ciel Est Bas

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Joanne Gabriel - Le Ciel Est Bas

Liner Notes: 

The sky is low.

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Ooh...this is nice! I'm really loving the choral bits towards the end, as well as the guitar there. The title had me looking for something darker, but this sky is high and clear. I could put this on and let it roll for a while. Did you know that there's a book explaining Dutch culture called Low Sky? I hope you're enjoying the déconfinement. We're not close to getting a handle on things here

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Magical atmosphere you create. I love the subtle vocal slides and the high harmonies about three minutes in. The slow movement feels good and relaxing to me.

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The guitar fits so nicely within the scope of those wonderful pads & your always angelic vocals. I'm picturing vast plains, but they are covered by thick clouds (donc, le ciel est bas, n'est-ce pas?). There's a sense of freedom, even though the clouds are so low in the sky. This just keeps building into more & more beautiful phrases that seem to build one on top of the other in joyous exultation. Magnifique!

On Ce Vera Dans Les Ombres…

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very chill and relaxing piece. Hypnotic and soothing

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Nice. I like the guitar work in the bg - sounds like a rainy day.

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Wow again! working my way backwards, but this just released so much stress/tension I didn't know I was holding onto.......will have to listen to other one tomorrow.

man those voicings and layers just keep on building, but the icing on this cake for me is that jangle guitar just flitting along like a butterfly and the sparse, but driving percussions........so sad it's over, guess I'll have to listen again!

Great stuff!

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Great atmosphere, vocal layers build so well and the guitars keep you connected.

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Of course the sky is low, you are a giant of music, your mantranic words echo through it in this as you weave it into to sound to your liking. The title may suggest a bitter feeling, a dread, but you come at it dispersing the clouds, shackling the lightning, drying the rain a seraph of light and beautiful sound removing opening the heavens and making us look at the stars.