Sunset Meteor Shower

Sunset Meteor Shower

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Liner Notes: 

I'm not used to seeing stars or sunsets where I live but last night I sat by Lake Michigan and I saw both.

Logic Pro X piano roll midi orchestration. Time to go to sleep now.

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excellent evocation of sunset gazing on a clear night over a body of water.lovely melody.

This has a place in all kinds of media - film, commercials, video game intro/menu, podcast intros/outro... just in a music playlist for relaxation and reflection.
It's arrangement and the sounds you use are all perfect.
I'm working at my desk and just had to stand back, fold my arms, close my eyes, and listen.

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It's cool how you anchor this light piece with that bass. It is really gorgeous, very evocative of the starry sky. It's like some sort of serotonin booster for sure. I feel that this getaway is doing you good. I grew up near Lafayette IN. I went to Lake Michigan of few times when I was in my early twenties. I could never figure out why I didn't do it more often. I guess a lot of life is that way

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very lovely, charming and relaxing, beautifully orchestrated very enjoyable listen, nicely done Smile

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A clear and sparkling evening; summer (big) lake shore, sunset,stars and meteors. A quiet and gentle, and clear-air piece of music. (We're still not so urban that we can no logner see the stars, but I do miss the outback spaces, horizons and night skies at times)

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That is so cinematic and has the classic studio orchestra feel.

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quite impressive!.. reminds me of the theme music that TCM (turner classic movies) uses at times to introduce films....

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This is beautiful and cinematic, perfect for a cool evening watching the sunset. It gives a sense of adventure as well!