Rays of Light

Rays of Light

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Rays of Light

Liner Notes: 

This was recorded on Mixcraft 8.
The synth guitar in the background as well as the drums, piano and some of the bass parts were virtual instruments. Throughout, the synth guitar was treated with varying levels of modulation.
The electric guitar and bass guitar were recorded on my Steinberg audio interface. The electric guitar was treated with effects via an amp simulator. The bass guitar only comes in from 4:48 onwards; leading up to that point the bass is just a virtual instrument.

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I'm being called away, hafta come back for the second half. Keeping my interest and the steady emphatic synth bass with the triplets accent at times allwos that guitar to keep rollign over the top, unstoppable. There's a slightly eerie feel, not so easy to achieve when it's heavy psych-Rock!