Believe in Yourself

Believe in Yourself

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Liner Notes: 

Written in an hour to the Song Skirmish group prompt 'Motivation/Believe in Yourself/I'll Do My Best/Don't Give Up/You'll Be Okay'.


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Believe in Yourself
Ukelele chords: Gsus4 - o23o; Amadd9 - 2oo2; C - ooo3; F - 2o1o;

When the weight is just too heavy
When the hill is too steep to climb
When the sky is always rainy
Believe in yourself

When the muscles get too tired
When the family turns away
When the story has no happy
Believe in yourself

When I believe in myself
Nothing can stop me nothing seems impossible
When I believe in myself
My only limitation is when I grow up

When surrounded by enemies
When the dream is too far from sight
When the darkness descends daily
Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself (repeat and fade)

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I like intimacy of this, almost like you're having a conversation with someone having a bad day to cheer them up.

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I like the message a lot and the use of the ukulele is effective. Nice use of the prompt!