Sledgehammer Jim

Sledgehammer Jim

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Liner Notes: 

It's actually quite therapeutic, and a darn good workout, to go out in the backyard and take a few whacks at something with a sledgehammer.


Jim was once a fighter, he became a peaceful man
once he had callouses, turned into soft hands
Ol’ Jim, was a peaceful man

Lately Jim been havin’ a troubled mind
searched high, searched low – no peace could he find
no no no – no peace could he find

You know what you oughta do? said his brother Ted
Go out back and have a look inside your shed
You’ll find what you need inside your shed

Grab your sledgehammer, Ted said to him
That’s how he became Sledgehammer Jim
troubled man became Sledgehammer Jim

Now, Jim had a hammer, but nothing to pound
so he took a few whacks into the ground
Sledgehammer Jim looking for some things to pound

Found an old tire, rolled it to the middle of the yard
Neighbors started watching as he whacked that tire hard
Yeah, Jim could really smack that tire hard

Found some old wood used to be a fence
Sledgehammer Jim was feeling less and less tense
Jim hammered til he felt less tense

Along comes a neighborhood fella, name of Don
said I heard a commotion, wanted to know what’s goin’ on
Jim said, join right in, Don

More to the story, but that’ll wait for another day
Sledgehammer Jim, still pounding away
lets his hammer say what he needs to say

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kahlo2013's picture

Wonderful story telling and character development... I envision more will join Jim and Don! Mandolin provides a peaceful folksy backdrop for this slice of life coping lesson!

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Oh yes, how much fun is the sledge hammer. Already waiting for episode. Nice mando.

billwhite51's picture

love stories about simple guys with one syllable names. i tried the sledgehammer cure on my daughter but it backfired. now she is pounding everything in sught with her hammer even when she is not mad

MarkG's picture

Quieter than a chain saw--and probably safer when you're looking for something to work out on. Jim sounds like a nice guy who knows how to act appropriately.