Tik Tok Tinman

Tik Tok Tinman

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Liner Notes: 

This song was previously uploaded, but b/c technology, it disappeared for awhile, but now we're back in business. And not sure why it looks like I've posted it twice. Sigh... If you commented before, don't feel like you need to again.

Make sure to give @kcotle some love, as he's a new lyricist around here. His words here are amazing! It was an honor to set them to music.


did you find reward?
clawed into walls of
tombs you explored
drawn in the runes of your whiteboard?

tiktok tinman

won't quell that pain
attempted amnesia
all in vain
shall we simply slip into insane?
swimming in the aftermath

tiktok tiktok tinman

You've done the math
You’ve chosen your path
invented your wrath
tiktok tiktok tinman

you catastrophize
but you don't realize
which feelings arise
as you deny your sentience

tiktok tinman

lies you tell yourself
demise you sell
the times you beat yourself
so senseless
is it really what you want to be?
does 'heartless' make you happy?

tiktok tiktok tinman

tiktok tiktok tiktok tiktok
there's just one thing to remember
that feeling you had last November
the pain that never left
the reason you can't see
oh that little sound
that little sound
you can't quite quell
oh the tiktok tiktok
oh the tiktok tiktok
that's the beating of your heart
and that pain that plagues you?
oh it's love my dear
it’s love my dear
swimming in the aftermath
does 'heartless' make you happy?
tiktok tiktok tinman

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Nice intro with some rich guitar solos in there. I like the alternating major/minor chords and changes. The vocal dynamic is cool too, and yes the lyrics really do tell an insane tale. Terrific collab!

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such a gentle admonition to a maniac. love the music and the vocal delivery. musical development kept me enthralled from start to finish. the guitar solos were essential to expressing the fury beneath the politeness.

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OOh... Love this! I wonder if I was one of the ones "challenged" at being able to hear the song earlier. I've had that happen a couple of times. If so, I'm glad I came back.

Great arrangement to this--and a truly superb vocal on this! Not sure who did what on this collab--but it's WONDERFUL! Great lyrics, great song!

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Omg! This is incredible. I'm shaking my head in disbelief at how great this sounds and man - the lyrics are loaded with dynmo and conviction. The guitar solos are just killin'. I'm marking this as a favorite.

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Great imagery - I especially dig that first verse. The runes of your whiteboard! I like the suspense in the composition and the way the verse melody spills over into the chorus. Great performances and production on this one too. Some real collaboration magic here.

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That's a fascinating lyric--one that requires some attention. I love the vocal and the phrasing. That "tik tok...tinman" bit is really fantastic. That guitar is definitely a tasty addition. Anyway, great song all around. Hats off to one and all