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Liner Notes: 

Techno-resistant man has unexpected fun with computerized bass, drums and guitar.


I cut my knee on a neon sign
that said "Always be on time"
I was late cos it's always been my fate
to always be late
no matter what the day
or the date

I bought bait
though I don't fish
I bought a gate
though I don't own a home
I bought a state
though I'm not a country
I bought a plate
though I had nothing to fill my tummy

I ran among the tulips
and used my two lips
to kiss a light pole
the pole said "Whoa, it's a no go
for you because I'm already spoken
for by Con Edison"
so I took my medicine
and I declared myself innocent
though I was accused of no crime

I declared myself a genius but no one believed it
and I was relieved that no one had seen fit
to report me to the authorities
and all the girls in the sorority
said "you're a real rarity"
and kicked me out of the sorority

I bought a hat
though I had no head
I bought a bat
though I had no ball
I bought a cat
though I had no fish
I bought a rat
though I had no garbage

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Some old school rap (or something). You can't escape your fate, which brought you to this song. I accept your genius, btw. I will say, that having garbage isn't really necessary when it comes to rat husbandry. This was fun, for sure! What did you do with that hat?

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Good lyric, bit of a musical change here, pretty minimal. Really good song.

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those artificial beats knocked out the echo and tighened up your vocals. the bass and lyrics give it a talking heads feel. it was fun but i prefer your more personalized arragements.