Cine Mone

Cine Mone

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Liner Notes: 

This came from the previous song, song 12 Nutmeg. The bass line begged for a different feel from the slow experimental instrumental previously.

I started with high hopes for the bass line to become a funky high tempo disco type song, but it drifted into this, a medium pace electronic instrumental. I will try to revisit this in a few weeks when the disappointment fades.

The title was cinnamon as its derived from the previous song nutmeg. I changed it to Cine Mone, hope there is no weird french meaning


Music and Lyrics by M.M.Scullion ©2020

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Cool stereo panning and groovin' bass line/percussion. Love the fat bass sound and the snare sound.

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title has no undesired meaning in french, maybe high tempo dsco isnt your thing. the mid tempo moodiness you have laid down here is a lot cooler than the insistant thump that dominates the clubs.