My Guitar Tries to Wake Up

My Guitar Tries to Wake Up

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here we go again
living here with our friends
i don't have much to say
but people wouldn't believe it anyway

seeing as how i'm not famous or on the tv
but that's ok
i understand
my brainwashing is as complete as that of any man
the proof is in the pudding
ask cuba gooding
jr of course
but let us not wander off the course
of the 17th hole
where they stole the show at muscle shoals
but i was just a pup on an invisible bank roll

there's where it got interesting

or where we lost the scent
sometimes it's so hard to tell
if a decree is really heaven sent
but me and my guitar
we try to wake up
oh yes we try to wake up
but is it that easy
when your living is sleazy
or are we really making up for a lost youth
and in our twilight years actually quite breezy
no matter what the case of any of that
it's time for this guitar to try and wake up
and that's that

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Almost a fairground start then full blown doors without the organ. A good listen.

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well your guitar has me fully awake Smile This is another really cool tone and playing/vocal performance

Really dig this lyric as well, just all around amazing sound and inspiring stuff!

particularly dig the line about being brainwashed as complete as any man!