Signal Jammer

Signal Jammer

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met these people and stole their weed
scored a big stash and then there were a people
stealing more weed from me
it was a signal jammer
where everyone were a scammer
like a chain of origami in a bong-laden tram
we took off, we ran
we wanted to be free
but were not trained for every eventuality

instead we were indoctrinated on
free to be you and me
but by then it were very confusing
with rocky horror blowing up so big
a buddy got a tractor trailer gig
on a big rig
another one worked for the airlines
and yet another went onto the railroad lines
but after decades we begin to realize that
perchance we are out of time

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Had to hear another one of yours - and another awesome song, this is! Those lyrics stand as beat poetry on their own, and the groove you give them is right on. More wicked guitar playing, too.

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!!!! agree with Chip on this as those lyrics alone just read standing very strong, but why stop there? Wink
really cool groove with this! that trippy angel choir break was pleasantly very unexpected Biggrin

cyberrock on!

great title! put to good use!