Hoosier Friend

Hoosier Friend

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indiana is one of those great states
no matter how they try to ruin it with control freaks
we crossed the state line about a half past 9
by the way she was talking she looked so fine
the man at the counter at the general store
told us not much was happening
but a lot more
said we ought to mosy on down the road
make sure we had a buddy to lighten the load
he said
hoosier buddy, hoosier your friend
hoosier lover, will life depend
on the love you can make when autumn leaves you rake
hoosier lawman, on or off the take
did they bake it in to the recipe
or was it all fake
hoosier momma, hoosier pappa
get out there sons and daughters and make your parents proud
make a new song and sing it out loud
someday indiana will be great again
just after we can find our hoosier friend

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I've spent plenty of time in Indiana, so the title grabbed me.
So delightfully jazzy and funky and weird! That is some super cool guitar playing, too. This would be a great late-night driving through rural Indiana soundtrack.