Christmas Brings

Christmas Brings

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Liner Notes: 

I always try to write at least one Christmas song every summer. Needs Christmasy music.


Christmas Brings
© 2020 Cindy Prince

How does Christmas bring back our inner child
How does its magic return
How do pretty lights always make us smile
And mistletoe, poinsettia, and ferns

How does Christmas bring us together
How does it connect us all
How does opening presents still cause excitement
And jolly old Santa's in the mall

Christmas brings
Carolers that sing
Eggnog and iced sugar cookies
Christmas brings
Gold and silver shiny things
And all sorts of Christmas goodies

Silent night
The Christmas song
Remind us what
We knew all along

How does Christmas bring back memories
How does it remind us of falling snow
How does it make us think of family
And children's faces all aglow

Repeat chorus

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I really love that bridge and as you know I love Christmas songs. This is a lovely seasonal lyric!