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Liner Notes: 

pity they don't attach bells anymore...


Cling © 2020 Cindy Prince

There was panic
She screamed
Was this just a bad dream?

She knocked
She scratched
Until she breathed her last

She was buried alive
But no one could hear her cries
How could this have been the way she died

When it was found out
Too many had been through this hell
They devised a way to stop it
They attached their wrist to a bell
Someone had to take the graveyard shift
To see if the bell would ring
They had a shovel handy
If they heard that bell cling...cling...cling

His eyes opened
He gasped
He knew that he was trapped

He banged
He cried
Until at last he died

2nd Chorus
He was buried alive
But no one could hear his cries
How could this have been the way he died

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Wow! I So haunting, so eerie! The power and the softness in just the right places! So good! Thank you!

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Phewee! You tackle some full on subjects Cindy but miraculously the combination of your dark words and Marthie's restrained but incredibly dramatic singing and playing make this one of the most impacting songs I've heard on 50/ you say...haunting in all senses of the term...amazing!

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Wonderful collaboration - the choice of instrumentation, pacing, flow of the melody are all perfect to deliver the chilling message of Cindy’s deliciously dark lyric.

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Ah, good--found one in your "back catalog" that I haven't listened to yet.

Cindy, you are one spooky person. I hope your back is feeling better--I don't want you to get any darker than you already are!! Wink

Marthie, you are the master (mistress, I guess) of many things and where I'm noticing it on this song is the reverb. PERFECT. Nobody puts a simple arrangement together better than you! GREAT JOB, LADIES!!