The Second Drop

The Second Drop

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The Second Drop-Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch-Woman On Fire


Liner Notes: 

I actually have 3 versions of this
two versions of the chorus- I couldn't decide...(first one is timid like first rain, second is more hallelujah it rained)


The Second Drop (of rainfall in the city)
Stephen Wordsmith

CHORUS: The second drop of rainfall
in the city
Always falls more reassuring
than the first
You thank heaven heaven opened
on the city
Even though you never knew
you had this thirst
For there's more than rain that falls
Upon the city
There is more that slips
From even cloudless skies
And if you're not looking sharp
About the city
You'll behold much more than beauty
In your eyes

Like the fallout from a
perfect dry manhattan
Freshly spilled from off the
Tenth floor balustrade
Or the juices
Of an air condition unit
As it weeps with joy
At gentle zephyrs made

And if you perchance forget
The tender buffet
Of a rock dove's little
Opalescent wings
It might leave your hair instead
A stark reminder
Spoken from the end
From which it never sings


You may even find your face
Awash with sea-mist
Yet the ocean is a thousand miles
As your gaze then falls upon
The broken hydrant
In a horrifying way

Or you'll see your stare reflected
In a puddle
Stop and wonder how the pool
Had come to be
Anything you lose within
Is dead forever
Better just to let it stay
A mystery…

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How odd. Two songs within minutes of each other on rain! But this is lovely, whereas mine is ratbag kennel-cleaner stuff! The lyric is lovely (Stephen!) and I so love rain, it comes from spending so long living and working in deserts and growing up in mediterranean hot dry summers and short wet winters. Marthie this is absolutely gorgeous and I love your dynamics amplifying the lyrics. This is just soooooooo good.

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That tinkling piano adds to the rain imagery--and is a nice contrast to your contralto (???) voice. You know I love your voice--you didn't disappoint with this one.

Great job on the lyrics, Stephen--Marthie definitely did them justice!

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More than one version? Incredible. I love every word, every note. Exceptional!

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Woh! This is so classy in every which intelligent and immersive both lyrically and musically...the perfect combination...very impressive indeed!

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What a gorgeous delivery. It turned a lyric about gross things falling on you from high-rises into something smooth and delicious that could be listened to over and over again. I love it.

For what it's worth, I liked having both choruses in there, and I think each worked well individually in their respective placement in the song.

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Very pretty and soothing vocal, the soft vibrato is very effective and nice. I like the title a lot and the vivid imagery took me back to the days when I was a big-city dweller.