You Are My Universe

You Are My Universe

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Liner Notes: 

The first verse just popped into my head while cooking. Needs music and vocals.


You Are My Universe
© 2020 Cindy Prince

I dreamed I was flying through space
Up among the stars
I flew right by Venus
Twirled and swirled on past Mars

I dreamed you joined me
We held hands as we flew higher
We marveled at Jupiter
Wondered what else would transpire

To me you are the universe
To me you're everything
You make me feel like I'm flying
I even want to sing
You are my universe
I love you more than anything

I dreamed we flew past Neptune
In search of new concepts
We even left the galaxy
Wondered what we'd see next

I dreamed our love was forever
As big as all the expanse of stars
When I woke I was back on Earth
Your love takes me so far

Repeat chorus

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Gosh, Cindy - your well of inspiration seems never ending. The third verse captivated me the most, though all four verses work well together. I've got a few songs ahead of me but if you're ok with it, I'd love to try and put a demo together.