Introverted Extrovert

Introverted Extrovert

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Liner Notes: 

or extroverted introvert! which is the real one. i should point out i am not like Emma im happy with how it is. We often hide behind what is expected! after so long sometimes its hard to know what you are! I meet all the introvert criteria yet everyone sees the extrovert and ive been required (a lifetime of public speaking, leadership roles) to appear the extrovert for so long its like putting a suit and tie on - no pain - so is it about what you prefer or what you are! getting a bit deep - its just a song Smile


V1 Emma smiles says hi to everyone
She knows what is expected
Only tells them what she wants
Keeps herself protected

V2 They think that she has it all
Everything in her own time
They have no understanding
Her life ain’t worked out fine

C She an introverted extrovert
She learned to play there game
But if you see here when shes home
Shes nothing like the same

V3 She learned the rules early on
Always stuck to every task
Didn’t let anyone see
Sadness behind the mask

V4 Life didn’t deal the cards
It took away her hope
Didn’t want her life
Under their microscope

C She an introverted extrovert
She learned to play there game
But if you see here when shes home
Shes nothing like the same


B She does want you sympathy
just doesn’t want things known
She’d really rather that
You left her all alone

C She an introverted extrovert
She learned to play there game
But if you see here when shes home
Shes nothing like the same
oesnt matter how. X 2

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I love the lyric, I really identify with this, totally me...a real depiction of this, great write and hook and chorus!!

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I too am a blend. Everytime time I take a variation of the Myers-Briggs test the needle points heavily towards the 'I' which I get from my completely introverted father. However, I also need socialization which I get from my extroverted mother. So I know what it's like to be her. A person who can completely fool others with an apparent outgoing and welcoming demeanor but whose home life is very much like the chorus.

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i used to b a extrovert, then i became best friends wuth a super extrovert, and that took the pressure off me...i was able to stay relatvely cool while he blabbed on and hobnobbed with the crowd. it wasnt untl i forsook all friends that i began to know my true introverted self. enough abut me. ths is one of your prettiest songs, and the lyrics roll off your lips with an enviable smoothness.

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We live in a world of the extrovert norm and the vast majority of introverts have to learn to play their game to some degree or other. These lyrics are very identifiable. especially from introverted people I know who have jobs that require them to have a very face-to-face role (luckily I avoided that). You see the real person when they are at home in their own space recharging their batteries, depleted from a day of acting a role. The chorus nails it for me. Also makes me think of the book 'Quiet' and associated TED talk by Susan Cain.

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What a great idea! I've never thought about the introverted extrovert personality type. It's a great hook, too, as you sing those words in the chorus. Nice melody in this one. I love when you go low. Nice guitaring, too

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Yes, an interesting concept, or paradigm for many.

In my "Region", over the past years there's been a cultural shift to look down, say hello to no one and regardless of anything occuring around you, -- to not "see" it. Now, I don't conform Smile to that. But, it's very easy to "fold into", if need be. When folks remain that way, it seems, their "life" is just their four walls.

I think real "extroverts" are that way in any context, not just one of as, "well received", -- among friends or in front of fans that have paid to see you Wink hahhh, yeah, right! But, there's extro's and then there's extro's! I have a musician friend who says, if he can't get attention any other way, -- "I'm gonna say or do something stupid" Smile he says ... if not getting attention, well, that does not work for him. (He's a great person to be around, btw Smile )

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I really love this lyric as it speaks so well to the complexities of the dualities we often face - the introvert/extrovert balance is one of them! I suspect of lot of people learn to demonstrate their extroverted self when needed for work to the bewilderment of their true introverted self - well at least I can! Great song and as always wonderful delivery!