Surprise Lilies or Naked Ladies

Surprise Lilies or Naked Ladies

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Liner Notes: 

Surprise lilies are everywhere right now and I thought I'd write about them for week 6.


Surprise Lilies or Naked Ladies
© 2020 Cindy Prince

Delicate pink
Long stalks
So much pleasure
On my walks

So quickly
They arise
It's both a gift
And a surprise

They have many names
Surprise Lilies and Naked Ladies
Mystery, Magic, Resurrection
In the sunshine, in the shade
Look what mother nature's made

Watch the bees
From bloom to bloom
Searching for
The sweet perfume

So fast blooming
Then their gone
So much beauty
To come upon

Repeat chorus

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The rhyming and cadence on this write is right on the descriptors...I love "so much beauty to come upon" dreamy....Great write!

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How descriptive and sensual...really lovely words Cindy!