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Liner Notes: 

Tim sez:
Earlier on I waved to my occasional collaborator @sherrycanary and saw on her bio her "quicksand state of mind" in the world's current madness, and an invite to collaborate. I mused a bit about my own quicksand mind, and my years of wandering with my wife in actual real quicksand areas, quite dangerous (though quickmud is more potentially lethal and hydrostatic supported fen mats totally so, because if you do jump up and down on the vegetative waterbed weave and actually go through, you won't be able to find the hole and get out). And then the mire we seem to be caught in here, though others have it much worse. And this came out, a song for our times and depressed personal situations even though I don't mention politicians or viruses once. Sherry agreed to take it on, she sings a lot better than I do. So here it is.

Sherry sez:
This is what I wrote in my bio:

My muse escaped to parts unknown to get away from the madness of this world, leaving me to wander about aimlessly floundering in the sea of uncertainty.

If someone wanders by and wants to lull me out of my quicksand state of mind, I could be persuaded to collaborate.

Tim wandered by my page and wrote this song.
He literally picked up my state of mind from those two sentences , and wrote an honest soul wrenching song.
It is not the jaunty, jazzy or a making lemonade from lemons type of song I usually do......but I got to express myself as I am.

I don't imagine I am alone, and hopefully nothing lasts forever.
Thanks, Tim, for throwing me a lifeline!

Tim sez:
It's my lifeline too. Thanks, Sherry, for taking hold and joining me.


Words & Music Copyright © TJ Fatchen All Rights Reserved APRA-AMCOS
Performance: vocals Sherry Somach piano & bass Tim Fatchen

Quicksand will swallow you whole
That's what I've always been told
Quicksand will swallow you cold (x2)

I used to stand tall, but I'm sinking
The people around me unblinking
My life bent downwards, shrinking (x2)

Once I'd step up, full stride
I could face whatever betide
When I was young and bright-eyed (x2)

But now I'm caught in the mire
I've lost the will and desire
It's all gone out, my fire (x2)

For around me, the world's gone mad
And life and loves turned bad
And now I'm caught in quicksand (x2)

Quicksand will swallow me whole
Taking my body and soul
Quicksand will swallow me cold (x3)

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Bravo my friend! I know this circumstance full well. Tim’s music matched with sherries vocals equals nothing but gold. I’m very impression with this particular piece and I think I’m going to go in for another listen.

billwhite51's picture

the waltz gives an upturn to Tim's depressive lyric, suggestng there is hope yet for a dance that is not led by prince prospero and the gentleman in red.

philmcmill's picture

What a great story in the liner notes. Wonderful demo! Love the vocals and the waltz piano. Excellent!

coolparadiso's picture

Yes there are a few different angles on this but they beautifully fit together. It rolls on relentless i was exhausted but exhilarated by the end.

Jerry Pettit's picture

At first I was thinking, "What if 'Take 5' was a waltz?". Wink Haha!

Then this really grew on me--perfect arrangement for terrific lyrics. Very nice collab, you guys! Nice vocal!

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Nice collab, folks. It's honest and elegant.

Too good! An idea passed through the ether between you and created this moody luscious soul pillow.

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Oh this is too good, moody but so delightful.