Your Face Behind the Mask

Your Face Behind the Mask

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Liner Notes: 

Tony Bennett and I share a birthday--but not, unfortunately, vocal skills. I was looking for the Bennett or Sinatra sound for a song that asks "what if we were wearing masks when we first meet?" The Band in a Box backing tracks were a great fit for the sound I had in mind. I finally had some free time to put this together.


© Mark Greenberg Aug 9, 2020

I was just thinking, Honey, pardon me for asking
But imagine we first met with a mask on
Would we have come together or passed on by
Would you still become my gal and I become your guy?
Would my heart be going beat, beat, beat
If I hadn’t seen your smile and your dimpled cheek?
Would we have ever thought, I’ll take a chance on
Love, if we first met with our masks on?

If the first time we had met we stayed six feet apart
Would I have felt that fluttering in my heart?
Would I have smelled the fragrance in your sweet hair
Would you have brushed my arm as we stood so near
I saw you wore that sexy shade of lipstick
But behind the mask I would have surely missed it
Would our attraction have be so insistent
If the first time we met we kept social distance?

Maybe our eyes would have said it all
That we were ready for affection
I’d wait for the chance to finally see your face
That night on video connection

Think about it, Honey, all the things we would have missed
If we never had the chance to share that first kiss
Would we have ever realized our attraction
If the first time we met was with a mask on?
Would we have come together or would we pass
If the first time we met was behind a mask?

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Fun groove, I think you're getting that midcentury vibe really well. Love the story. Must be a whole different thing for single people right now.

I think people can understand what's cool about another human being even with masks. But this is a valid and interesting question.

I like the idea -- you meet someone with a mask on, and don't see their face until later, on video.

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I love what you've done with BIAB. Fantastic arrangement and I, too, would ask the same question. Your observation and commentary on our current times is touching, funny and satirical. I think it also serves as a warning. You got the Bennett vibe down perfect, too!

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Nicely done and well-written. Great person to share a birthday with Smile Love the addition of the horn swing in there. For single people... @standup, omfg... it's... interesting.... isn't that right, @the3queens? lololol We had some interesting incidents with guys during Covid hahahahaha

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Haha! Great job--I love BIAB for putting songs like this together. Glad to see someone else has my taste in putting together the odd "lounge/jazz" tune from time to time.

Very nice work!

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This is really great, nice arrangement for BIAB too, as much as I personally don't like it am still amazed by it from time to with anything it still takes some skill to pull off nicely! this is a nice crooning vocal too and great lyric write!

Lyrically this is great and yeah I could see a young old blue eyes or bennett doing this!, could of went the other way with this too........meeting with masks and being revolted later by some surprise snaggle-teeth, or sneaky halitosis thanks! idea for a blues tune I've had musically in my head for a month or two ....just been waiting for some lyrical motivation now I know where to go lyrically......i thank thee sir! haha.

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You nailed the ethos of the crooner big band love song. I would love to hear Michael Buble take a crack at this with his mastery oath taking things both seriously and poking fun of them self at the same time.

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Great idea for a 2020 pandemic love song. Your mix of humor and the uncertainty of this moment in time blend together very well with your band in a box sound. Nice work, Mark!

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What a nice genre for you... Always a clever write and so relatable. Great rhymes and the track you wrote into....Enjoyed it!!

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This is so pleasant! It makes me miss swing dancing nights Smile I like the flow of the lyrics and the rhyme structure!

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I'm enjoying your dive into this genre. An interesting question to ponder, too. It's sometimes hard to trace back what draws people to each other, and that's great song fodder!