Strawtown Road

Strawtown Road

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Liner Notes: 

I'm hoping that I will be able to teach outside some this fall, and if I can, I want to introduce my students to double dutch hopscotch. I think we can do that with proper distancing and they'll like it. I tried to write a round and it works, but I don't really like the lyrics at all, so I'll probably repurpose the music to record the folk round Liza Jane (they like that song) and I'll use something else for double dutch, but I haven't done a round yet this year, so there you go. The directions in the song actually do match up with the movements in the hopscotch pattern.


Jump on down the Strawtown Road
Summer's hot and winter's cold
Never want to leave there I've been told
When you jump on down the Strawtown Road

Forward. Right you go.
Straight, turn left, now don't you slow.
Double ditching to and fro
Jump on down the Strawtown Road

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Sounds like a good chanty song for students to easily latch onto, as a catchy piece of music. The lyrics work together though with it being a draft you get to take it any which way you want when you rework it Smile Maybe one day it'll reform as something better as a recycled piece, or maybe just little alterations will get it there... either way I like it and it gave me a flashback to when we used to watch the roll in TV on a trolly in the hall and watch shows recorded on VHS tapes. Has that sorta vibe to it and wouldn't go amiss with some cassette hiss and fuzzy screen wobble... though there were bad times, I also have fond memories of those times so thanks for this reminder Smile

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Loving the xylophone in this and it is catchy and easy to learn. Hope it develops to what you need!

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I can see the intro video to this tv show now. You’re choice of instruments really create a bright, playful and almost tropical feeling to it. Really cool idea actually

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Catchy melody, and cool that it works so well as a round. The mallet or steel drum accompaniment is full of life and it's rhythmic nature along with the melody creates great movement for the song.

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This is catchy and playful! I think kids would enjoy it. I imagine they'd be learning directions too and have fun singing it out where to go to others. Good luck with it!

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This is very catchy and the beat lends itself to jumping rope. I love the use of the xylophone and the in the round arrangement is pretty darn great.

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Wow, I'm so impressed! A round, I'd have never thought of doing that. Nicely done! Easy but lovely melody, catchy, This music is stellar.