Falling Fronds (Mr Palm Tree)

Falling Fronds (Mr Palm Tree)

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Liner Notes: 

A malevolent palm tree nearly killed me the other day. This is my revenge.


Falling fronds
nearly hit me in the head
nearly killed me dead
nearly hurt the woman I wed

Mr Palm Tree
you look lovely
but you could easily
be a cold-hearted murderer

Mr Palm Tree
don't be so free
with your fronds
cos they nearly knocked me
on the noggin
(and the noggin
of my woman as well)

Falling fronds
near lakes and ponds
not near Loch Lomond
cos that's in Scotland
(Everyone knows that)

Narrator: The Fall of Fronds happened in 1941 (actually, that was the "Fall of France")

Falling fronds
nearly hit me in the head
nearly killed me dead
nearly hurt the woman I wed

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This really has awakened my sights to alternative acapella tracks rather than the ones I've heard before. Used to barbershop stuff but now this is truly interesting in delivery. A story of the near death that inspired this song, a moment to capture for the digital paws of ours to get a feel of the shapes and sizes that this melody creates... Love the lyrics, well voiced out by the croaky voice and feel to them! Thanks for giving me another avenue to explore in my music making! Biggrin

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Yeah, you really gotta watch out for those trees.
They'll mess you up given half a chance.
I lived in the forest for twenty years and I feared for my life every single day.
I mean, you go for a walk amongst the trees and next thing you know a cedar tree pulls a knife on you.
This is a really interesting and engaging tune you got here.
I really like the repeated "falling fronds" bits.
Well done.

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malevolent trees are an under rated danger...you renew the art of the a capella with this treat for the ear and mind.

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The layered vocal is great, it adds a sense of anxiety to the track which works well with the lyrics.