I'm So Tired of the Hate

I'm So Tired of the Hate

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Liner Notes: 

This is not a happy song, but it's how I feel way too often


I'm So Tired of the Hate
© 2020 Cindy Prince

It's hate the blacks
Hate the gays
Hate the libtards
Every single damn day

It's hate the Asians
Hate the Jews
Hate the Latinos
It's like a bruise that doesn't heal

The hate builds
Refuses to yield
The hate spreads
It's hurting my head
How long do I have to wait
I'm so tired of the hate

Love is the remedy
It has to be...has to be...has to be

It's hate the socialists
Hate the far right
Hate the atheists
There's no end in sight

Hate the "shithole" counties
Hate of all women
Hate of the disabled
It seems there's no limit

Repeat chorus

Repeat bridge

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Oh boy do I know how you feel! You've captured the despair - and exhaustion - many of us are feeling.

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Timely and very relatable! I feel you, and wish you love.

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This is very good. and very authentic. I really like the way you have contrasted hate with love.

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Yeah... and it's only August in an election year. *shudders*

I'd really like to hear this one, I think the bridge could be transcendent

I won't say this is "nice", but definitely well done

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I see we're on a similar wavelength tonight. Smile Powerful lyrics - nicely done!

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Oh Cindy I know, I'm tired of this as well. Where did this all come from, from folks who really should know better. You put it down on paper so well, and great idea to overcome it all in the bridge. Good work.

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Timely and thoughtful perspective that is very well articulated! Important message that I suspect many of us share!

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A song filled with lines of hate but has a good message. The bridge is well done. Bringing in love as a contrast and I like the repeated "has to be"

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Yeah it's sad and depressing with that twinge of hope for love to somehow show it's face again someday we all need in order to stay somewhat sane!
Really well done!

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I love this and would love to work on it! I'm not sure I'll be ae to work on it before the end of 50/90. If I am, of love to give it a shot.