Reaching (For The Moon)

Reaching (For The Moon)

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Liner Notes: 

Probably my favourite piece of songwriting for this 50/90 - This one just flowed out pretty naturally.
Kept the arrangement simple as the guitar does just about all you need by way of the chordal progression and steering the melody...though in the end I added a hint of atmospheric EP/Pad (LABS Tank Wurli) - not sure it needed it.


The whisper of the dune grass
Blowing in the wind
A walk along the shoreline
Until the tide comes in

I’m just reaching
Reaching for the moon
I am reaching
Reaching out for you

I trust that my instinct
Won’t let me down
And maybe I’ll get lucky
This time around

I’m just reaching
Reaching for the moon
I am reaching
Reaching out for you

So don’t deny
This heart another time
Or tell me something less than true

Your doubt is at my expense
When all I need is to sense
That you share these feelings too

Now summer’s nearly over
I don’t want it to end
But it’s better to be honest
Than to pretend

I’m just reaching
Reaching for the moon
I am reaching
Reaching out for you

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I know why it's a favorite! Simple yet not at all. Beautiful!

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This sounds like a classic. It flows along perfectly. Great playing and singing.

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Can see why you like it. Very gentle and pretty words and music, just want to listen again. This is class!

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I really like the chord progressions you use! Excellent vocals and the guitar sounds great. Lovely lyrics. This is beautiful.

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Simple, yes, but I like that little pause in the running guitar part, makes it a cool little phrase. And that Wurli is great, beautiful hanging around the edges of the sound. I'm enjoying the LABS stuff but didn't download the Wurli because I have pretty good emulations.

I like the story too, I remember a time when there was someone I was very attracted to, and it was important to be honest about that... reaching out, not knowing the answer.

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Very nicely done. Tight lyric and natural flow. Nice tone on the guitar. Great song.

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Absolutely lovely. Engaging chord progression, smooth vocals, tight lyrics. I really feel this one. On my second listen now!

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The imagery and simplicity of the lyric are very appealing. Lovely guitar work and vocals. A pleasure to listen to on this quiet, sunny Monday morning. Smile