Every Moment

Every Moment

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Liner Notes: 

Not quite as smooth as I want it, but I'm busy today. Needs music and vocals.


Every Moment
© 2020 Cindy Prince

I fell asleep with you filling my head
I tossed and turned all night in my bed
Almost at dawn I fell back to sleep
Dreaming only of you and me

Every waking moment it's all I can do
With every heartbeat I think of you
I cannot concentrate on anything else
It's torture for me to be by myself

Day and night
Night and day
Every moment
I feel this way
Every hour
Every minute
Every thought
Has you in it

I think your first touch
Made me love you so much

I can't seem to work or even walk
I know at the office there has been talk
I walk around with a smile on my face
Cause all I can think of is your embrace

Repeat chorus

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This is a beautiful and concise love song. I think it's smoother than you are giving it credit for.