Florida Tangerine

Florida Tangerine

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Liner Notes: 

Combining the Song Skirmish (write a song in an hour) prompt 'Tangerine' with the bass line first challenge here is the result of this experiment.


Florida Tangerine
Key of F
Bass riff F D A A G E E

I take a Florida tangerine
Split it into sections
Across the table looking out the window
At highway 322 and 219

Line ‘em up like eleven for football
Or nine for a baseball team
Playing with the sections
Of that Florida tangerine

Juice squirts in my eye
It burns a little
Hear the train whistle cry
Rumbling on the B&O railroad track
Outside the trailer park

I eat the tangerine
Sugary and sweet
It came all the way from Florida
on a truck on Highway 219

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Nice slice of life song. I like the harmonica as train whistle word painting.

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I almost didn't recognize the harmonica in a place or two, it wouldn't be hard to use that sound in an industrial piece. Pretty psychedelic feel considering the sparse arrangement. I love the realism in the burning eye stanza. It contrasts nicely with the not immediately obvious, but cool connections the first two verses make.

barbara's picture

Oh, I love this! Its casual jazzy attitude made me smile throughout, and then that train whistle screaming across it all (like train whistles do) was a delight. Very playful and light and matter of fact. Way to let that creative genie out!

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I love the experimental feel to this one, it has a Velvet Underground vibe. Your vocal have a great lid back feel that works well with the bass and the other instruments you have layered in. Nice use of the prompt.

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yes. I loved the stereoness of this, and the experimentalness. Whatever you did with the bass and the twelve string and the percussion, i just liked it. Sounds so unlike other songs. and that's a harmonica as well? It almost makes the tangerine lyrics incidental in a way. Very interesting.