Our Souls Have Always Been Known

Our Souls Have Always Been Known

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Liner Notes: 

its been a long time since I wrote a gospel song, so when I read these lyrics from Cindy, i had to sing them.


When life is uncertain
And feels like a burden
Please don't lose hope

When nights are too long
Know that you're strong
And that you can cope

Your ancestors before you
Would try to implore you
Yes, they hear you cry

They had such hard lives
Figured how to survive
And they're still nearby

All throughout time
There's been sorrow and grief
But it is my belief
That we're not alone
All throughout history
There's been trials and misery
But our souls have always been known
Yes, our souls have always been known

When it's darker than dark
Remember there's a spark
Hoping to light the way

They buried loved ones
Tried not to succumb
Found strength in prayer

They kept going forward
Kept pushing onward
With such burdens to bear

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Seems these Bill and Cindy collabs are are good thing! This is another one that's turned out successfully - great, hopeful, lyrics that have brought out a powerful vocal performance. Nice work on the melodies - chorus works especially well.

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You can do gospel! Love the power in your voice and the music would also be good in an instrumental. It's hopeful, which is what I hoped for. Great job! Thanks!

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Earthy, passionate and powerful. Great lyrics and a fantastic performance. Brilliant job from you both.

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That's a really strong rendition, great feel brings a lot fo power to the lyrical hook of the titular line.

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Another set of wonderful lyrics and a great title from Cindy given a soulful and passionate rendition from Bill makes for powerful listening indeed!

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very good lyric - Just right for Bill to add that emotion and yearning! nice one guys

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Love the rhyme scheme, Cindy--you've got skills!! Really enjoyed the lyrics to this and I ALWAYS enjoy Bill's interpretations.

Nice job putting this together, you guys!

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This is passionate and soulful. I like how the lyric goes backwards in time to think of our ancestors and then offers comfort and support. The music delivery and vocal is so filled with emotion! They dig in deep and tell the story. Great job!