Not Forever

Not Forever

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Liner Notes: 

Got the title. Wrote the music. The lyrics arrived to fit the music. Probably don't mean what you think they mean.

It's 4 chords and 4 bars forever and ever.

I have an idea for a mid 8, but it needs developing.

I moved my recording position and now my mike is buzzing loudly. Couldn't get the backing vocal screeching to sound the way I wanted, as I needed to gate the mike input ferociously.

Will need to find the mic buzz and get rid of this squeaky chair.


Not Forever
Music and Lyrics by M.M.Scullion ©2020

Meeting at a secret place
Two bored individuals seeking escape
Mundane lives left behind
On an adventure

Everything is exciting now
Two willing participants ensconced now
Role play leaves the world behind
On an adventure in an unfamiliar landscape

They can say it's lust
You can say it's love
Whatever we have now
It's not forever

I can thank the Lord
In the heavens above
Whatever we have now
It's not forever

They can say it's lust
I can say it's love
You can thank the lord in the heavens above
Whatever we have
It's not forever

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this reminds me a bit of keane, with the dramatic piano and high vocals.

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Really nice. Great dynamics in there.