Nine Dimensions

Nine Dimensions

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Liner Notes: 

So I've always loved Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies & when I saw that the Week 5 challenge was to use them in a song I knew that was something I'd be doing (since I've already used them a couple of times on 50-90 songs this year before the challenge was announced). So I clicked on the online card draw & got "Think of Radio". For some reason I had the song tittle in my head (thank you, my Muse) & I knew I wanted to play with HG Fortune's synths (of course!). So this features the Dream Machine Pro & the Avatar ST Pro. The Dream Machine is the main synth & the Avatar gives us those lovely bell-like tones. HG Fortune's Percumat 2 is also featured with the drums. But the rest of this track is made up of samples from

So Radio, Telephone & other dimensions (there's nine different chords played by the two synths, so there's the nine dimensions - if you're wondering) - it all sort of started with the one sample about getting the wrong number. I just kept finding interesting Radio & Telephone samples & started playing around with them in Buzz. I rendered it out & then uploaded it here. I really like how it all came together Biggrin

So, this is song 49 (counting a collab in the works). My plan for song #50 is to go back to my roots (sort of) - guitar, loops, probably some Frippertonics & using my "Live" setup to its potential. It should be fun. But that's tomorrow's task Smile

See You In The Shadows…

Gear List (Native Buzz Machines marked with an * )
HG Fortune's The Dream Machine Pro
HG Fortune's Avatar ST Pro
HG Fortune's Percumat 2
Matilde Tracker 3*
Rymix StereoBox Pro*
Jeskola Delay*
Joachim's PowerPan*
BTDSys Peer LFO*
IX PatchBay*
CyanPhase's JedShiva Meter*
LD Mixer*
Automation Parametric EQ*
BG CompGate*
DedaCode Stereo Gain 2*
Sgorpi's Multi-Track-Writer*

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Some twilight zone level stuff going on in this dimension. Loving the audio candy of it all. I'd love to deep dive the mix in your daw. I'm sure I'd learn alot from it. Really good job! Enjoyed much.

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i never dreamed a trip through nine dimensions could be so much fun. you sure know how to mix those layers of accidental magic into a tasty cake.

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Yeah, I was happy to see the Oblique Strategies challenge, too.
That guy sounds a bit like Fripp....
I'd listen to this radio station for sure.
Really nice headphone magic.
The beat is nice; gives this some structure.
Great use of sound clips; as you know, I'm a big fan of those.

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Very cool mix of sounds and the phone ringing at the end is a nice touch.