Loving Words Unsaid

Loving Words Unsaid

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Liner Notes: 

I saw that I had 99 songs now and thought I'd get to 100. The idea started from my never liking sloppy kisses Smile


Loving Words Unsaid
© 2020 Cindy Prince

You know I don't like sloppy kisses
They should be small ones at first
They should slowly build until
Oh babe, come quench my thirst

You know I don't like crass men
That think I'm their property
I like a partner who is kind
Now hon, come and love me

Babe you know
I like it slow
Until I'm out of my head
I like to take
The love we make
With loving words unsaid
With many loving words unsaid

The heat is rising
It's tantalizing

You know I don't small talk
But conversations that connect
I want depth in everything
Now come and kiss my neck

Repeat chorus

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This is very well written. The mix of giving advice and instructions to a lover is very good. The structure of the lyrics is very interesting , three lines in each verse followed by the short instruction (if that's the right word). The bridge build up nicely to the chorus and ending with the loving words unsaid lines in the final chorus leaves the listener wondering about the whole think and the words that might be unsaid. Sensual' is a very apt tag for the words.

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Nice lyric. Element of playfulness and irony. I liked the ironic contrast of 'I want depth in everyfhing '... 'now kiss my neck. ' great fun lyric.