Not Debussy At All

Not Debussy At All

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Liner Notes: 

A late-night exercise in seeing how many cliches I could avoid.



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somehow this puts me in mind of the days when memorable pop tunes were based on classical pieces, for instance full moon and emty arms from Rachmaninoff's second piano concerto. not that there is a similarty in your piece to the concerto, just that i can imagine a romantic lyric sung by a baritone ballad singer against your piano.

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I love impressionist piano pieces. I have to get back to Gymnopedie No1 on ukulele. I could play it all the way through, but I stopped. working on it, and I'm sure I've lost a lot of it. I love the opening figures in this. And I like how the music picks up momentum for just a little bit 2/3rds of the way through and then changes its mind. I also like the little splashes of jazz harmony that pop up here and there. I've been really stressing lately, so this was really needed.

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Ah Tim, I am a huge fan of your piano work and this is a wonderfully nuanced keyboard dance integrating the bass and treble cleft. It transports me to a peaceful and thoughtful state of mind. Wonderfully rich and relaxing.

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Very beautiful piano tune ... I enjoyed the shifting moods and bits of lightness amid the reflective melancholy . Reminds me of Alan Hovhaness!

Great piano track! I really enjoyed this piece, very well performed and written! I would of kept listening if it was longer, good one!

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Contemplative gentle and expansive. Like a grapevine animation. Very very nice.

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Yes, this made me happy. It doesn't lead the listener to predictively yet it has plenty of structure and lushness.