Jasmine XmasBaby’s song

Jasmine XmasBaby’s song

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Jasmine XmasBaby’s song-Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch-Woman On Fire

Liner Notes: 

I have a superfan in Napal and I promised I would write a song for people who subscribe to my youtube channel- so here it is...


Jasmine XmasBaby’s song

1.There is some kind of wonderful
Being born on Christmasday
It is like the world is your present
And you can walk in Jesus’ way

2.Oh I love to see you smile
Give hope to many more
I would love to meet you there
Where people together care

Chorus: (you can)So meet me in Katmandhu, Napal
Follow me to Dubai, Paris, Venice, Peru
I know what we could do
Save the birds and feed the hungry
Because me and you have nothing to fear(nothing to fear)
Cause through Christ who strentghtens me
We can do anything, we can -Our time is here

3.There some kind of wonderful
To have set your feet in Cape Town
Learned you alphabet in Somerset west
And see the sun set behind Helderberg

4.O I’d love to talk with you
In French, English, Spanish
and Portuguese too
I will follow you wont let a day go by
To see how your day has made you smile

Bridge: And I believe in
Yes I know
Something magical is coming your way
It’s coming soon
Better be ready
Better know
When you see the magic happening-just let me know

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A lovely light travelogue delight, full of hope (and faith!) Lovely, Marthie. Love the almost-spoken verses!

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What a beautiful gift! So pretty and gosh those vocals! Awesome!