One Moment of Peace

One Moment of Peace

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Liner Notes: 

HERE I AM. I got really behind in life and in music. I have caught up and all I have to offer is something that I NEVER DO... I'm writing about current events..anyhow, it is wordy, a good way to cleanse a bit, played on my nylon string. I am glad to be back in 50/90 and know I'm trying my best.....HELLO FAWM FAMILY!!


One Moment of Peace
by Tammy Jann
© 2020

When the darkness of the world starts to bleed
the news makers come crawling out to feed
and the cycle begins, the air's filled with pain
click through the channels again and again

while you're left to figure this out alone
trapped in the walls that are your home
buried your smile while your thunderstruck eyes
reflect your need for love that's so hard to find

you're missing the touch of a caring hand
talking to someone who understands
your mind is melting your heart is lost
saving yourself comes with a cost
you'd risk it all when the world's a fierce beast
to find someone to hold for one moment of peace

It should be quiet when the world's in hiding
but Death's mind roars while he's deciding
the tension turns your soul to weeping
why is it so loud when everyone's sleeping

It plays like a movie in the back of your mind
you struggle to find ways to unwind
isolated with fear as your only friend
looking for a way to make it all end

you're missing the touch of a caring hand
talking to someone who understands
your mind is melting your heart is lost
saving yourself comes with a cost
you'd risk it all when the world's a fierce beast
to find someone to hold for one moment of peace

when you dig down deep
in every breath you breathe
you'll find your peace

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So good to hear your voice here! And shakers! Yay! Really nice song. Yes, a lot of words but there's a lot going on in everyone's life right now, so it's appropriate that you explore all of that. And you do it with poetry and wonderful music.

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You're here!! Oh gosh you come in wish this! I'm in total awe! So love these lyrics and your performance! Incredible girl!!

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excellert lyric. i especially like the thunderstruck eyes. the uptempo music of the chorus offsets the oppresive sadness of the verses without losing any of the inherent despair. your mournful vocals rest perfectly in the softness of the the nylon stringed guitar

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Hi. Great to see you come out of the gate this summer. There's a timeless beautiful agony in those verses and the kick up in the choruses is electric. Great job. Exquisite listen.

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Nice to hear your beautiful voice! The emotion in your delivery is exquisite.

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This is absolutely gorgeous and is so full of empathy and compassion. I love the insight, and the chorus is so brilliant. The lyrics are so poetic and while current it has a timeless feel.

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I'm relatively new to the FAWM fam and it's honestly been my favorite thing, lately, to discover a ton of new original songwriters. You each have your own unique approach and sound. Here again, it's good to hear something new that doesn't sound like anyone else. Your sound is captivating.

Your voice is really lovely. The percussion was a surprise and really cracked this open. I agree with song's message, as I understand it. Mindfulness is in need today in the upside down. Great write!

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Great to have you back! Love the sound of the nylon strings and the percussion. Vocals absolutely lovely, as always, particularly on that very catchy chorus. Lyrically, I think it's one of your best - the "It should be quiet" verse is particularly well done.

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whoa that chorus kicks in wonderfully it is kind of rare in the song amongst the more plaintiff sections, like glimpses of hope - beautiful performance and delivery as ever, very lovely listen

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Very thought-provoking and the sense of longing and desire for something authentic comes through, making connections. I like how the chorus picks up and hammers out those lines. Lovely, emotional vocal and I enjoyed your gentle playing too. Nice work! Writers gotta write.....!

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That is SUCH a powerful starting couplet, it conjures up all sorts of creeping horrors. Rightly so...The backig is lovely, your voice is just right, so glad you've started creating. The upbeat chorus with it's basic message really drives through. There's something seriously honest about this song. There's a lot of empathy in the hard truths coming out of this. [EDIT oh I _loathe_ how posting a comment immediately stops the song. Now I find going back in to edit a comment stops the song also. Ah well, back to soundcloud. Well wotrth it for this song! ummm, no download button?]

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If I could channel you for the Week 7 challenge, I surely would. I love your voice, harmonies on the choruses, your musical sensibilities, and your smart use of shakers. This song is fantastic!!!!

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Beautifully contrasting verse and chorus modalities. I love the nylon strings sounds in both cases. Every vocal moment is characteristically shining. And I just love the way the chorus kicks in with a vision of brighter times and comfort, yet with that warning of the risk. The alternation between the two feeling states is very effective, and then the outro seems to come out as both a blessing and a curse, that we don’t need to reach out to another to find peace, no matter how much we want that experience of contact. I was also really struck by the line “why is it so loud when everyone is sleeping?” The aloneness really came through. I will be listening to this again!

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Great lyrics. Your vocal delivery here is outstanding. The guitar accompaniment does its job well, but allows the vocals to keep the spotlight. I like the tempo change for the chorus, too. And I'm always a sucker for a good shaker-egg!! Smile Very nicely done. Thanks for sharing!

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I love the blue notes in this, and the quiet anger that you manager to capture. And the energy shift into the chorus is really powerful. And of course I agree with everyone that your voice does this song real justice. Beautiful all around!