My Piece of Heaven

My Piece of Heaven

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Liner Notes: 

This was inspired from my walk earlier (I put the surprise lilies photo on FB). The town I live in is less that 250 people and I love living here.


My Piece of Heaven
© 2020 Cindy Prince

As I rise
Pink lilies
Are a surprise

Hot coffee
Awakens me
The sky is blue
But not me

Winding paths to follow
Goldfinches so yellow
Turtles sunning on logs
Green jumping frogs
Flowers growing wild
The laughter of a child
The natural world beckons
It's my piece of heaven

Strolling through my small town
It's a paradise that I've found

Holding hands
On our walks
Contented sighs
Quiet talks

Watching deer
Eating near
Hooting owls
That I hear

Repeat chorus

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katpiercemusic's picture

I've been super stressed all day. This was like a little moment of zen. Thanks for the imagery!

coolparadiso's picture

yup great imagery, i could smell the cut grass and hear the birds singing

kahlo2013's picture

Really beautiful images and a sweet easy going down to earth love song. What a gem!

coreystewart's picture

I agree, great imagery and a love song to the town, nature and the Earth itself. I remember having moments like that as well when I travelled to the East coast of Australia for a few years in my youth. A beautiful lyric and something I'd like to put music too. May I? Smile

cleanshoes's picture

"The sky is blue but not me" is such a sweet an joyful sentiment.