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If a jury could read my mind
I’d be convicted
To a jail cell be confined
For all the thoughts I shouldn’t think about you
For all the ways I don’t wanna be true

Oh carry me

When you whisper in my ear
My body quakes
In anticipation and fear
I don’t know what to do about you
All I know is that you make me feel new

Oh carry me
Carry me

I’m terrified of the unknown
The path is hazy
And completely overgrown
To my execution I’ll gladly go
For just one day with you to overflow

Oh carry me
Carry me

To where the stars wink because they know
They won’t tell what goes on below
We are a story told long ago

Oh carry me
Carry me
Carry me

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Nice song - very different to many of yours - I’m terrified of the unknown, The path is hazy, And completely overgrown, To my execution I’ll gladly go, For just one day with you to overflow - great verse!

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My favorite part of this song is the way you set the word “Home” down so super gently and lovingly and then immediately dance on those guitar strings. Beautiful choice! Also, the stars wink but won’t tell—that makes a lovely aside and a shift of perspective. You know what you’re doing, alright.

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I like that chorus a lot, so minimal!

The whole thing sounds pretty great, nice guitar sound, the bass is subtle but there (which, as bass player, I think is perfectly appropriate).

Twists and turns in the lyric, a few doubts but some solid answers too.

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the rhythms on your guitar help create the fluctuations of emotion inherent in the lyric, while your vocal holds tight to the determination for change however dangerous such changes might be to the safety of stability

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Gorgeous--love your vocal. I also love that you have such a simple, simple chorus--the way choruses are supposed to be. I tend to overdo my choruses, I think.

Great tone you're getting on the guitar. This is a great song!