Lost & Found

Lost & Found

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Liner Notes: 

Adnama17: Last summer, A.Eye sent me a backing track. I put lyrics and melody to it, and sent it back to him. Unfortunately, he lost the original project, so we said, "F*** it." But the lyrics have haunted me since, so I told him we were finishing it. Like the smart man he is when a woman tells him to do something, he agreed. It's not quite the same as it was at first, but I dig it a lot. Also makes the title very apropos. Smile


No matter what road I
Walk along, whether it’s a
Busy city street, back country lane
They all seem wrong

My mountain trails used to
Comfort me, they would always
Like a river deep, bring so much peace
Now they’re deadly

Nowhere to run to
My flesh is weak
Just wanna hide
Just wanna hide
But there’s no one to seek

Lurk in my shadow
Low to the ground
Maybe what’s lost
Maybe what’s lost
Maybe what’s lost
Doesn’t want to be found

Long lonely highways
A stretch of beach, dark alleyways
Down a boulevard, it’s all a maze
All out of reach

No signs to guide me
Nothing to point the way
I can’t leave here tomorrow
But I know I can’t stay

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As a married man, I know what is good for me

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well cant speak to the original but this was worth doing its very good!

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Great lyrics to start with, and I like where you took them. Totally smitten with that elusive piano motif, and the juicy effects. Love your drums too. A really nice arrangement! The treatment on the first “Doesn’t want to be found” was so fitting right there! I really notice a quantum leap in your bringing a very special sound into being. Excited to hear more!

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A super-duper-uber-collab, even if it was under duress ROFL

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Almost surf sound, I like it a lot. Voice is right for the backing too! (As always I come in backwards. Sigh). Lyrics are really good and those two sets of chorus lines are killers "Just wanna hide/But there’s no one to seek" and "Maybe what’s lost/Doesn’t want to be found" A sad lost song but with a solid groove that moves it on without sinking into a puddle of grief! Love the loneliness feel of that reverb! Applause! Applause! [hits keep/download button]

This is very cool. Not familiar with folktronica as a genre, but if this is an example, I'm all for it. The unexpected soft piano solo in the bridge is a gem. Vox are kind of pitchy in occasional places (got to turn those headphones down, remember?)

That "maybe what's lost doesn't want to be found?" is the sort of question from which horror movies are made. Brilliantly ominous.

And I'm laughing at @A.Eye's initial post in the comments.

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This sounds pretty darn good. I like the feel of the song. It's an interesting melody and a damn good lyric.