Cold Shoulder

Cold Shoulder

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Liner Notes: 

I was a bit chilly this morning and that led to this lyric. Needs music and vocals.


Cold Shoulder
© 2020 Cindy Prince

You are aloof
Do you need proof
That I'm still here

You are cold
It's getting old
Is it your fear

You're freezing me with that cold shoulder
You're giving me frostbite
Your icy eyes stare right through me
I feel I'm lost in a far northern night
What will it take to unfreeze you
Because spring isn't anywhere in sight
Cold shoulder...cold shoulder

You are frigid
Unyielding and rigid
Your melting is slow

You are chilly
It seems kind of silly
Not to let it go

If I take you someplace sunny and free
Will you slowly come back to me

Repeat chorus

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I love these lyrics. This perfectly describes stonewalling and passive aggressiveness in others. Oh so relatable. As a person who frequently gets cold due to low thyroid issues, I felt the visceralness of this one, but it was good! In my mind, I hear the vocals and music in an operatic metal style, hahaha! But, that might not be your thing. I'm silly today, apologies.

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Wow, these are great lyrics! They are very honest and real feeling. Nice job with this!