Witching Hour

Witching Hour

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Nice arrangement, I didn't get scared! I see some vampires dancing to this.

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Your tunes are always so playful sounding!
Awesome arrangement here; great instrument choices.
Spooky, sure but more "Casper the Friendly Ghost"-kinda spooky.
Love the slowdown at the end.
Another great one!

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I really like the playfulness of the violin and the piano ornamentations. Love that break in the middle. This made me want to get cozy with some apple cider and decorate for Halloween!

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Spooky instrumentals are the best instrumentals. Evidence: this!

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This arrangement is rich and a fun listen! Am envisioning a group of traveling gypsies dropping in to the saloon during quiet hours for a jam session with the piano player.

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I like how varied the drum is, it swings and has a good pace! I always enjoy the different turns the song takes, never a dull moment. And indeed the slowdown at the end is a cool bonus.

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It's October as I listen and this song feels like a fall night with little trick-or-treaters bombing about the neighbourhood in quest of sugar. (I sure hope COVID hasn't cancelled trick-or-treating...)

You have such a playful sense of arrangement!