Sea Legs

Sea Legs

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sea legs
don't want to beg
but dang
she's oh so fine
is that my life
check out that gal
she's such a pal
such a lifelong friend
should it never end
she gonna take me home
she gonna go all in
whether with or without sin
was she good, was she great
fish sticks on a saturday
french fries on a sunday night
party getting started, halfway high
is this the night she rocks me with her thighs
sea legs, riding the waves
she picked me up, put me down
it were the hope that she gave
to this day things will never be the same

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This is wonderfully crunchy and puts me off balance. I love how the lyrical phrasing is offset from the musical phrasing. I love the sea legs figurative language and how this in nothing that I expected. Good soloing too. Really excellent job!