Oscar Admission

Oscar Admission

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Liner Notes: 

Response to diss tracks with no substance


Sometimes you spit into the void and hear back your own voice
Echoes of who you used to be, man he was whack
But guess who's back better than that
Got plenty pages written, so words aren't what I lack
Your chair made out of paper, the legs made of stack
well you only stock on numbers
and you're louder than the Daily Slater

I'm often surpised by how people think you really listen
Chewing up words only to spit em out, a mesely mission
I once had to fix an engine flying into space
Yeh, I have dreams too, but least I wake up when I come around
All in this place,
Found a new place I'm allowed to speak, so you just listen
Nobody wants to see a gloater who aint no GOAT, just dissin'
This is crap art, son, who cares if it's Oscar admission?
I'd rather have a soda than wake up dead from all the pissin'

Yeah I aint famous, but this is my claim, us,
we just pickin' up nibbles
And I aint a ganster, no lyrical Master
I'm under no labels
But no ones inviting, we just stop the fighting
then we'll make a new vision
Turning the tables, the old school had the fables
Now we hate over cables

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Beautiful. Love the lyricism. Really enjoyed it.